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Heating With EthanolToday, ethanol and ethanol blends are used in a variety of applications including automotive power, transport, aviation and heating.
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I have a question to ask you that might benefit other shoppers – can I post it on your site?
Yes, just email us your question and if it’s not already here on the site, we’ll include it in the FAQ’s section (this page)

I have a question about a product – what’s the best way to contact you?
Email is always the best way of reaching us. Email us at: or use the ‘Contact’ form on the on the Contact Us page.

What about delivery fees?
We use reputable shipping companies to deliver Australia wide. We publish our delivery fees up front, on the site, for your convenience.

Can I pay by Cheque, Money Order or Direct Deposit?
Yes you can. Just follow the instructions at the time of checkout. Note: manual forms of payment like Cheques, Money Orders and Direct Deposits will incur a small delay until your payment is cleared through the banking process. Once payment is cleared, your order will be on its way to you.

How soon will my order ship?
We to deliver in a prompt and timely manner. We normally dispatch orders from our distribution centre within 2 working days from the placement of order.

Can I ship to an address outside Australia?
Please contact our office for all deliveries outside of Australia to confirm overseas freight costs. Please also note that some products available on this site, may not be suitable for use outside Australia. (ie, Voltage or clylinder connection size etc).

How can I be updated about new products?
We provide a free mailing service on our site to keep you updated on new products and specials. To subscribe